Dirty Dozen

nutrition and supplements resources Feb 02, 2023

It’s not always possible to shop only for organic food.  I found that knowing which foods are best to buy organic, and which are safer bets regardless, to be extremely helpful to this savvy and health-conscious consumer.

According the the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the following “dirty dozen” contain the most pesticides and should be purchased organic :  



*kale, collard and mustard greens




*bell & hot peppers






Quick and dirty way to think about it:  if the fruit or veg has a strong skin, chances are it absorbed less or no pesticides and/or herbicides.  Think of coconuts and pineapples.  Eggplants and asparagus, while more delicate, naturally  have fewer enemies, so they require less intervention, and are also on the good list.  

*keep it clean fuckers

*checking to see if you’re still paying attention :)