spirituality Jan 06, 2023

The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything

- Suzanne Evans 

This phrase struck me hard last year as I was making a lot of big life changes and I wanted to ensure that moving forward in my journey, I was investing my resources (time, energy, money) in the right places.  I knew that I needed to shore up personal processes so I could marry my purpose -to be a force for positive change in the world by helping others live their best lives, all while living my own best life- to my livelihood.

After my spring and summer travels were finished and I settled back into Toronto life to get seriously serious about my work and new business, I saw clearly that I was lacking discipline and consistency.  I showed up in some areas of my life all in, yet I slumped in others. So I:

* made the decision to not search for another “job” 

* invested tens of $1000’s in all manner of things required for a start-up business

* looked for ways to assess one’s life, and to measure levels of satisfaction 

* played at ways to try and quantify orts of transformation, the elusive results of microdosing

* tested different ways to organize my time to ensure I got to do all that’s meaningful to me, and at the optimal times

* tried a couple substances to help me focus, mixed results but more on that later

* learned about and implemented intermittent fasting

I was doing a lot of good things already, and while I take time to always appreciate the gains I’ve made along the way, I wondered where I could improve and what upgrades could I make to the way I operate in order to get the dazzling results I desired. 

Diving ever-more deeply into personal and professional development,I filled myself up with insights from leading experts and successful entrepreneurs and began to experiment with implementing different strategies.

In his best-selling book The Miracle Morning, which I’m just finishing as I write this, that “When we fail to make time for personal development, we are forced to make time for pain and struggle” I’m going to take the Miracle Morning challenge and see if all the fuss is worth getting up at 6 am every morning for 30 days in a row.  There better be some fucking miracles 

I’ve learned that the path to higher performance and more abundance requires us to examine not just what we're doing, but HOW we’re doing it. I’d add that measuring and tracking our progress is an incredibly important element to leveling up as well. 

My upgrades for 2023 are to do all that I do with:




*presence and 



What’s your upgrade?