nutrition and supplements Oct 22, 2022

My Fall Reset aka What I’m doing now and why 

This week I’ve been doing my own version of a fall “reset” or cleanse.  The philosophy around when to cleanse among natural health professionals, is generally that it’s best to do it when the weather is warm vs when it’s cold, so this is the last week I’d personally choose to embark on this particular mission.

Here’s my version of a very doable cleanse:

*eating only whole foods: organic meat, wild-caught fish, organic tofu, rice, beans and nuts, organic vegetables and fruits

*strict regimen with my vitamin and supplements -my current roster is below

*stretching daily + alternating days of  yoga, pilates, strength training and cardio at home - Peloton or walking out in nature before it gets too cold and I fully hibernate, which is coming soon.

*saunas for detox and self care, along with steam room and alternating hot and cold therapy

*daily meditation and incantations

*read more, listen to more podcasts, watch less TV

*high-quality sleep: in bed by 10:30 (which means I’ll be asleep by 10:35) and no “junk light” after 10pm 

*wake at 6:45am, gratitude and journal 

*essential oils : I personally love Doterra - link to some of my eo suggestions for fall cleansing.   


*I also started a Psilocybin microdose protocol - 5 days on 2 days off, repeat - I’m seeking natural help with my focus, cognition, moods and energy.  I’m working on how to quantify any  potential results in order to shed light on a topic that, from what I’m getting in response publicly and privately so far to my mentions of it, is pretty interesting to a lot of people.  

I’m already feeling some interesting things.  I think. Gimme a few more rounds and I’ll report back! 💥⚡️💪✨

Focusing on strengthening our immune system, before the cold months make us more susceptible,  is a solid case for putting healthier habits into place right now. Imagine sailing through the next couple of months with all they might entail, because you went in strong! 

what I’m taking now:

*Usana -health pak  -for comprehensive vitamin/mineral/antioxidant packets

*CanPrev : Vitamin D (drops) - btw DO NOT TAKE VITAMIN D AT BEDTIME friends!

*NFH  - evening primrose oil (ladies take note this is a good one for peri/menopause)

*Usana -Copaprime (this nootropic supplement supports brain health and cognitive performance) 

*NOW- Prebiotic Inulin powder   If you don’t know about Inulin, you’ll thank me for looking into it when you’re the most regular and energetic you’ve ever been!

*AOR, NFH, Usana and Seed : Probiotics -I’ve used all these brands except Seed, my daughter uses 

and likes them! The Usana probiotic packets are super convenient for travel. Some probiotics will require refrigeration

*Solgar -Glutathione - free form  (this was the brand they recommended in the health store)

*I also start everyday with Electrolytes in water.  Often I follow that up with a “Bulletproof” Coffee.  

I low-key Intermittent Fast several days a week.  If you’re dabbling in it yourself and don’t know yet, women shouldn’t apply intermittent fast the same way as men, or partake during their periods. Currently listening to Dave Asprey’s Fast This Way. There’s a lot we can do to reprogram our bodies when we play with fasting.  I find it incredibly interesting! 


Ps Please remember that not every supplement plays nicely with every medication so be sure to check with your personal health authority regarding safe interaction